Selling in multiple languages and currencies

Shopify supports

Customers all over the world enjoy viewing content in their native language and their local currency. Shopify has provided all the facility for merchants to sell in multiple languages and multiple currencies. You can even add multiple domains to your Shopify store and give your customers a completely localized experience, making them feel more “at home” and earning more trust.

So enabling more languages on your store help your international customers better understand your marketing, product details, shipping, and return policies. Enabling international domains and currencies making them feel more local and trust. All lead to more sales.

Advertising in multiple locales

You maybe asking yourself: “How about advertising? What good is a localized online store is for if you can not show ads in the same locales that it support?”

Having a store in multiple locales is good, but it is GREAT if you can show ads in these locales too.

All the major advertising platforms, including Google Shopping and Facebook Product Ads, support advertising in multiple locales. If you take one step further and use multiple international domains, your single Shopify store will appear as different localized stores, and nothing stops you from doing advertising for each of them in the corresponding locale, targeting the corresponding local audience.

Well, not so fast. To be able to advertise you store in multiple locales (multiple languages, multiple currencies, or both), you need to be able to generate multi-locale product feeds. It is even more challenging for multi-currency feeds, as they need to be updated frequently enough. Shopify exchange rate changes can be as frequent as every 15 minutes, which leads to price values (in local currency) changes in bulk. Platforms like Google Shopping is very alerted about pricing mismatch and can disapprove your feed easily. Not a lot of feed apps in the Shopify app store do that.

Multiple Google Shopping feeds

Then come Multiple Google Shopping feeds app.

The app allow you to create multiple feeds, each can be in a translated language and use an enabled currency. Feeds can use Google Content API to synchronize products to Google Shopping, or provide you with a feed URL to be used with Google Shopping, Google Facebook Ads or Bing Shopping. So despite the name, the app actually allow you to advertise on all three major advertising platforms, like killing three birds with one stone.

Some other unique features include Advanced feed data input rules, allow you to customize feed data like Category or Color based on product titles, descriptions or other product data. Feed preview feature allow you to “sneak a peek” of what the feed will look like before generating it.

Multiple Google Feeds app work great with all the translator apps that support Shopify multi-language feature, including but might not be limited to this list. It takes the translations that were generated by the translator apps and create translated product feeds.

If you think that more translator apps need to be supported, let us know.

So let’s get started and boost your business today.

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