Multifeeds for Facebook

Link to app in Shopify app store


What the app provide a Shopify store with

The app creates high quality product feeds from the product data in Shopify, allowing access to all important feed settings while keeping the process simple enough to be completed within minutes.

Users can create multiple product feeds, include different product groups, targeting Facebook Catalog and different compatible ads platforms including Google Shopping, Bing Shopping, Pinterest and more.

To learn how the app accesses, uses, stores, or shares user data, including Google data, please read the app’s Privacy Policy.

Multilingual/multi-currencies product feeds

A localized store is only good if you can show ads in the supported locales. With this app you can create feeds that are multilingual and multi-currency, using Shopify compatible translator apps including Langify, LangShop, etc.. Multiple domains per store is supported.

Rule-based feed configuration

Having a diversified portfolio? Rule-based settings get you covered. Set the Google category to “Shirts & Tops” if the product title includes the word “shirt” and set it to “Shoes” if it includes the word “shoe” – can be done easily.

Robust feed builder

Feed configurations for different ads platforms can be overwhelming. The app’s wizard-based feed builder help you browse through sophisticated feed data settings and focus on the important ones.

Feed updates

File feeds are updated daily. Multi-currency feeds are updated automatically with Shopify currency rate changes.

Fully customizable feed data fields to create higher quality feed

You can customize all the available feed data fields, not limited to title and description for your SEO target.

Categorize products into multiple feeds and variants selection

Select products to be included in feeds by Shopify collections and get charged for only the number of products made available for the feeds. Variants are free to be included. You can choose to include all variants, or specific variants.